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Home » Climate change returns to EPA’s website: “It’s not optional, it’s essential”

Climate change returns to EPA’s website: “It’s not optional, it’s essential”

Climate change returns to EPA's website: "It's not optional, it's essential"

Climate change once again has a dedicated page on the Environmental Protection Agency's website. The agency relaunched the page on Thursday after the Trump administration removed the page, and all other references to global warming and climate change, when he went into office four years ago.

"Climate facts are back on the EPA's website where they should be," EPA Administrator Michael Regan said in a statement. "Considering the urgency of this crisis, it's critical that Americans have access to information and resources so that we can all play a role in protecting our environment, our health, and vulnerable communities. Trustworthy, science-based information is at the foundation of strong, achievable solutions."

The relaunched site has two simple messages on an image carousel on the home page: The climate crisis is an EPA priority and public understanding of the implications of the crisis are essential to addressing it.

Information on the site is still limited, but there is already useful and interactive data readily available. One of the sections is an interactive geographic software that allows visitors to learn about the indicators of climate change, and what they look like in various regions and environments.

Another emphasizes the importance of environmental justice. In this section, visitors can search across the U.S. and easily pull up reports that provide information on air pollution, cancer risk, proximity to hazardous waste, and more. That data is coupled with demographics for the region selected.

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