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New US weather data shows ‘obvious’ effects of climate change

New US weather data shows ‘obvious’ effects of climate change

NOAA report on ‘new normals’ in climate over the past decade shows a hotter US, thanks to climate change.

The United States is getting warmer and parts of it are getting wetter, according to weather data released on Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

NOAA, a US scientific agency that tracks weather data, has released a “new normals” set of data that tracks changes in the US climate. The report details data from 1991 to 2020 and updates what is defined as climate normals over the past 30-year period – allowing weather conditions to be put into “historical context”.

The latest data set which replaces 1981-2010 normals shows a rise in average temperature.

“NOAA’s Climate Normals provide a baseline to compare yesterday’s weather and tomorrow’s forecast to a standard for each location and time of year,” said Mike Palecki, project manager for NOAA’s 1991 to 2020 Climate Normals according to the NOAA website.

The data goes back to 1901, and the “influence of long-term global warming is obvious”, a summary of the information says.

The newest batch of normals will also include data over 15 years.

Climate change can have major effects on sections of the economy such as agriculture, which relies on “certain seasonal cycles” for successful crops. These cycles can be changed by shifts in temperature. The data also shows planting zones for crops have moved north in a “clear signal that normal overnight low temperatures across the country were warmer than they used to be”.

The effects are not standard across all regions. Some, such as parts of the Pacific Northwest like Oregon, show gradual, consistent temperature increases

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