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The not-so-drastic truth behind climate change

The not-so-drastic truth behind climate change

Ex-US Department of Energy chief scientist Steven Koonin tells Asia Times it's not clear yet climate change is leading to global catastrophe

Dr Steven Koonin, who served as chief scientist in the US Department of Energy during the Barack Obama administration, recently raised a furor with claims that the public has been misled about what science actually tells us about ongoing climate change. Key facts are missing from media coverage and even from summaries provided to decision-makers, he says.

According to Koonin, authoritative assessments of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – the central scientific body for world climate research – provide no basis for the widely propagated notion that climate change is leading to a global catastrophe. The results published by the IPCC and the official US National Climate Assessment suggest even that global warming will only have only minor effects on the world economy.

Koonin has documented these and other claims in a just-published book, “Unsettled – what climate science tells us, what it doesn’t, and why it matters.”

Koonin’s controversial views provide a very readable and informative introduction to the challenges of climate science, present knowledge concerning ongoing climate change and potential options for dealing with it.

In an exclusive interview for Asia Times, Koonin explains the background of the book as well as some of the unresolved issues of climate science.

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